Sunday, March 8, 2015

Omelette Aux Lardons et Fines Herbes avec Cafe Au Lait

When I decided to take the Paleo journey, I thought I would surely fail due to my love of all things French. French bread, French cheeses, and French wine were probably to the staple of my dinner diet for years. But I chose to focus on the foods I could have rather than those not considered Paleo.

I started by searching sites that provided information for beginners such those listed on the  "My Blog List" sidebar. I need to add more because one good site refers to another and so on and so on. I extracted those foods I prefer plus were available in my area. Some items are easier to get when I'm in Colorado than in central Louisiana. That was my starting point to fill the fridge and the pantry. I recommend the same method for anyone just starting on the Paleo lifestyle.

Once I was comfortable with the basics, I began to experiment with Paleo substitutes for things like bread and cereal I was beginning to miss. There are some great recipes for quick bread that can be made in a cup. I used the one by Louise Hendon of the who also publishes

I now have a large repertoire recipes to pull from to create weekly dinners that are anything but mundane. My family doesn't seem to notice much of a difference other than the divisions in the fridge indicating the Paleo approved only self.

One of my favorite French dishes is an omelette with fine herbs. Today I was craving bacon. I kind of was in the mood for quiche. So I merged the two into one delicious Sunday breakfast idea.

Recipe for Omelette Aux Lardons et Fines Herbes

2 eggs
3 slices of nitrate free bacon
large splash of coconut milk
1/2 teaspoon each of preferred dried herbs (parsely, chives, tarragon, and thyme)

Cut the bacon into small pieces and cook on small skillet until not quite crispy. Once the bacon is heated through and begins to separate easily, add the herbs. Heating the herbs with bacon releases the flavor better than stirring into the eggs. While the bacon is cooking, scramble the eggs with a large splash of coconut milk. Add some black pepper and a little salt but not too much, since the bacon is salty.

Just before bacon gets to the crispy stage, make sure the bacon covers the bottom of the skillet. Pour the egg mixture. The bacon will be pushed to the outside, so use wooden spoon to bring back to the center. As the egg sets around the edges, gently pulled toward center so that the uncooked eggs will move to the surface and cook. Once there is only a small amount of liquid egg on the surface of the omelette, place a lid on top so the the steam finish the process. Slid gently onto a plate.

And what French breakfast is complete without a steaming cup of cafe au lait made with steaming French roast coffee mixed with steaming coconut milk.

Experimenting with old favorites and making them Paleo really make the process exciting. Now that I am almost six months into my journey, I plan to create Paleo versions of my cookbooks I used to refer to for ideas. Can you imagine cookbooks titled, the Paleo Betty Crocker Cookbook or the Martha Stewart's Paleo: It's a Good Thing?

Bon Appetit


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